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“Forgiveness: For Better or Worse”

This is week 2 of a Lenten Series on Forgiveness. Pastor Christopher Liberati delivered this week's message..

Scripture:  Colossians 3:12-15.
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“Forgiveness: Finding Peace Through Letting Go - The Divine Answer”.

This week starts a Lenten Series of messages with Pastor Dave Scavuzzo
Scripture:  Genesis 3:1-10
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“An Ancient Practice for Modern Ministers”

This week, "Pastor of Visitation and Care" Rev. Karl E. Stone describes the new people-ministry of SUMC.
Scripture: Ephesians 4:11-16 & James 5:13-16
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“Coming Home”

This week Youth Director Matt Whisenhunt, using words and music, bring us an inspiring message of hope and acceptance.
Scripture: Luke 15
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“Passages That Inspire: Invitations Arrived”

This is week 3 of a very special series on "Passages That Inspire" with Pastor Dave Scavuzzo.
Scripture: Luke 14:15-24
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“Passages That Inspire: A Peek Behind the Veil”

This is week 2 of a very special series on "Passages That Inspire", with Pastor Dave Scavuzzo.
Scripture:  Matthew 17:1-8
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“Passages That Inspire: Change Agents”

This is week 1 of a series on "Passages That Inspire" presented by Pastor Christopher Liberati.
Scripture:  Mark 5: 1-20
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“Did Jesus Get to You This Year?”

This special service begins with the scripture by Pastor Dave Scavuzzo, followed by a message from District Superintendent Steve Bailey and installation of Pastor of Visitation Karl Stone.
Scripture: Acts 19:1-7
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What a Seeker Looks Like

This meditation presented by Pastor Dave Scavuzzo.
Scripture:  Matthew 2 2-4, 7-12
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Under Wraps: The Gift We Never Expected Part 6 - Lasting (A Shepherd’s Joy)

This week is the sixth message of Advent with Pastor Dave Scavuzzo.
Scripture: Luke 2:4-20
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